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Asphalt Seal Coating

Having your parking lot or driveway regularly sealcoated is one of the most important services for asphalt maintenance to protect and preserve the durability and appearance. Over time asphalt will deteriorate from water, oil, gasoline, chemicals and ultraviolet rays. Sealcoat provides a barrier to protect the asphalt from buildup and chemicals penetrating the asphalt that will speed up the process of deterioration.

Sealcoating is a crucial part of asphalt maintenance and provides many benefits to the parking lot:

  1. Preserving Asphalt- Sealcoating protects the top layer of the asphalt to prevent cracking, holes and deterioration.
  2. Waterproofing- Sealer prevents water from settling in the cracks and porous surface of the asphalt
  3. Protection- provides a barrier for UV rays, chemicals, minerals and salt
  4. Affordable- Sealcoating is a cost effective way to maintain your asphalt, preventing you from spending thousands of dollars on major asphalt repairs.

When should you have your parking lot or driveway Sealcoated?

Asphalt should be sealcoated at minimum every 2 years to maximize the benefits. New asphalt requires 6-12 months to cure prior to having it sealcoated for the first time.

How is Sealcoat applied?

Prior to sealcoating a driveway or parking lot the surface is cleaned via: wire brooms, blowers, edgers and weed removal to cleanse the surface of any debris or dirt. Any large cracks in the asphalt are filled prior to sealcoating. The sealcoat can then be applied to the asphalt via brushing or spraying, additional coats may be applied if required. The sealcoat must completely cure before exposed to traffic.

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